New Year’s Eve Service

At the New Year’s Eve Service, Dr. Anthony Olatunji, Founder & Senior Pastor of Destiny Molders Church Randolph MA, urges us to recover everything the enemy stole from us in 2018 and also advance to gain more territories in 2019. God’s word will not return void if we believe it and take it by faith.

Be Ready

Pastor Gloria Olatunji, Co-Founder & Executive Pastor of Destiny Molders Church, Randolph MA gives us insight that the enemy will never announce to us that he is coming to strike us tomorrow, or on a specific date; but he will always sneak in through the back door to steal, kill and destroy. Therefore, we must…

You will never be Shaken

Pastor Gloria Olatunji, Co-Founder & Executive Pastor, Destiny Molders Church Randolph, MA gives us insight into scripture promises that guarantees us that God will make sure we will never be shaken nor be afraid of bad news from the enemy’s camp Video or CD